Sophie Scholl in Ludwigsburg


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Biographical Sketch

Sophie Scholl was born in Forchtenberg, Germany on May 9, 1921. Her full name was Sophia Magdalena Scholl. The family lived in Ludwigsburg, Germany from the summer of 1930 till spring of 1932, after which they moved to Ulm and finally to Munich. While there, Sophie Scholl became a member of the Nazi resistance group “The White Rose” (die Weiße Rose). She was executed in Munich--Stadelheim on February 22, 1943 [1,3].

Ludwigsburg Address

The Scholl family lived at number 7 Schillerplatz, on the corner of Myliusstraße. Today, there is a pharmacy located on the ground floor of this building and there is a memorial plaque on the wall [2].

Wohnhaus in Ludwigsburg der Familie Scholl   Hinweistafel


Sophie Scholl attended third and fourth grades at the Girls’ Public School (Mädchenvolksschule), today known as the Anton Bruckner School. Just inside the entrance to the school, there’s a framed photograph and a short paragraph commemorating her [4].

Anton-Bruckner-Schule Schulfest   Bild von Sophie Scholl in der Anton-Bruckner-Schule


It is said that Sophie Scholl liked to play in the park of a nearby castle (Favouritegärten).

The Purpose of this Site

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[1] Wikipedia article about Sophie Scholl:

[2] Photos taken on July 8, 2007 by Carsten Kuckuk. The plaque says, “Home of the Scholl Family. The Scholl siblings, Hans and Sophie, lived here from 1930 to 1932 and later became members of the Nazi resistance group, the ‘White Rose’. They were executed in Munich on February 22, 1943. 23a|City of Ludwigsburg.”

[3] “A Brief Biography of Sophie Scholl” from page 43 of the commemoration booklet, “Anton Bruckner School: 100 Years, 1907-2007,” published by the Anton-Bruckner-Schule, Schulgasse 8, 71638 Ludwigsburg, Germany.

[4] Photos taken on July 7, 2007 at the school festivities in honor of the Anton Bruckner School building’s 100-year jubilee, “100 Jahre Schulhaus der Anton-Bruckner-Schule”. The paragraph under the photo of Sophie Scholl says, “SOPHIE SCHOLL was born in 1921 and went to our school for two years. She called for non-violent resistance to Hitler and for that reason, was sentenced to death at the age of 21.”

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